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All-optical demultiplexing has been shown with a full-duty-cycle 2.5-Gbit/s signal in a
nonlinear fiber Sagnac interferometer. Complete switching of arbitrary pulse patterns in the
data stream has been achieved by using two orthogonal polarization states for the switching …

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In accordance with the invention, an optical multiplexer includes at least one reconfigurable
add-drop unit that can add-drop one channel out of a large set by switching the light path
through one of a set of fixed add-drop filters. Reconfiguration is done by switching from the …

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Behavioral activation and effort-related processes are fundamental components of the
construct of motivation. Motivated behavior is often characterized by considerable vigor,
persistence, and exertion of effort in the initiation and maintenance of goal-directed …

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The design and performance evaluation of two hybrid erbium doped fibre amplifiers
(HEDFAs), pumped simultaneously by 980 and 1480 nm diode pump lasers, are reported.
Among other features, these HEDFAs exhibit a flat gain spectrum (+ 17 dBm output …

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Comments on ML Smith and GV Glass's (see record 1978-10341-001) meta-analysis of
psychotherapy outcome, noting that distortions emerge when the types of therapy under
study are organized into 2" superclasses" of behavioral and nonbehavioral therapies. These …

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We describe hybrid lasers combining a semiconductor gain section and fiber cavity with
integrated chirped Bragg reflector. These devices have produced output powers of 27.5 mW
in a narrow linewidth (400 KHz) stable single longitudinal mode. The use of a chirped …

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Summary form only given. We describe a reconfigurable add-drop multiplexer that can insert
or remove a single channel per stage without disrupting service on the remaining channels.
The device was fabricated in Ge-doped SiO/sub 2/channel waveguides with a delta of 1.2 …

[CITATION][C] Geriatric pain

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An optical fiber is drawn from an appropriate preform using a laser whose output power is
varied periodically at a rate greater than ten times a second. A fiber drawn in this manner
has periodic variations in diameter which enhance the mode conversion properties of the …

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Using tensile‐strained InGaAs/InGaAsP multiple quantum well material to increase the gain
bandwidth, we demonstrate a tuning range of 74.4 nm with sidemode‐suppression ratio of≳
25 dB and as high as 34 dB in a broadly tunable vertical‐coupler filtered laser at 1.55 μm …