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Behavioral activation and effort-related processes are fundamental components of the
construct of motivation. Motivated behavior is often characterized by considerable vigor,
persistence, and exertion of effort in the initiation and maintenance of goal-directed …

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The major elements, trace elements and Sr and Nd isotopes of selected Etnean primitive
rocks (< 15 ky BP) were studied in order to characterize their mantle source. The noble-gas
geochemistry of fluid inclusions in minerals from the same lavas was also investigated. The …


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mantle origin and clearly point to a cognate nature. Consequently, cognate xenoliths might …

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Abstract Recombinant GII. g/GII. 12 norovirus (NoV) strains emerged in 2008 in Australia
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winter season 2009–2010 GII. 12 strains caused 16% of the NoV outbreaks in the United …

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A new system has been designed to deliver a comprehensive analysis of the visual sensory
system and oculomotor responses to different types of visual and vestibular stimulation. The
instrument, called a Computerized Electro-Oculograph (CEOG), is an integrated computer …

The psychopharmacology of effort-related decision making: Dopamine, adenosine, and insights into the neurochemistry of motivation

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Effort-based decision making is studied using tasks that offer choices between high-effort
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These tasks have been used to study the involvement of neural systems, including …

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Despite the fact that HIV-1 induces vigorous antiviral immune responses, viral replication is
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Silica glass was implanted with chromium at the energy of 35 and 160 keV and at fluences
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significant amounts of carbon were detected. Samples were characterized by x-ray …