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Maria Cássia Jacintho Mendes Correa

Hospital das Clínicas da Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo
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Results are presented from searches for the standard model Higgs boson in proton–proton
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Liver biopsy remains the gold standard in the assessment of severity of liver disease.
Noninvasive tests have gained popularity to predict histology in view of the associated risks
of biopsy. However, many models include tests not readily available, and there are limited …


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A search for a doubly-charged Higgs boson in pp collisions at s=7\mboxTeV is presented.
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Abstract Properties of the Higgs boson with mass near 125\, GeV GeV are measured in
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A bstract A detailed description is reported of the analysis used by the CMS Collaboration in
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The main objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of the introduction of educational
videogames into the classroom, on learning, motivation, and classroom dynamics. These
effects were studied using a sample of 1274 students from economically disadvantaged …

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This article examines how people learn by actively observing and “listening-in” on ongoing
activities as they participate in shared endeavors. Keen observation and listening-in are
especially valued and used in some cultural communities in which children are part of …

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Background Over the last several years, it has become apparent that there are critical
problems with the hypothesis that brain dopamine (DA) systems, particularly in the nucleus
accumbens, directly mediate the rewarding or primary motivational characteristics of natural …


CM Correa - 2000 -
This book cuts through the daunting technicalities of one of the most important of the WTO
(World Trade Organization) agreements, that dealing with Intellectual Property Rights
(hitherto primarily the preserve of national patent legislation) and their treatment as …

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Abstract Although the Skinnerian 'Empirical Law of Effect'does not directly consider the
fundamental properties of stimuli that enable them to act as reinforcers, such considerations
are critical for determining if nucleus accumbens dopamine systems mediate reinforcement …