TY - JOUR T1 - E. CATECHOLAMINE-DRUG INTERACTIONS IN MAN JF - Pharmacological Reviews JO - Pharmacol Rev SP - 673 LP - 683 VL - 18 IS - 1 AU - Sjoerdsma, Albert Y1 - 1966/03/01 UR - http://stonel.info/content/18/1/673.abstract N2 - This is a review of studies in man with various compounds which inhibit enzymatic reactions involved in the synthesis and metabolism of NE. Emphasis is given to techniques for measurement of enzyme inhibition in man and the relationship between inhibition of a given enzyme and concurrent pharmacologic effects. Such a relationship seems established with the MAO inhibitors, is lacking in the case of decarboxylase inhibitors though one of these (α-methyl-dopa) is a useful drug, and seems likely with tyrosine hydroxylase inhibitors. Data are presented indicating that significant inhibition of catecholamine synthesis in man has been achieved with a compound of the latter type, α-methyl-p-tyrosine. ER -